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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harp Chair

Harp Chair 1950's

These chairs were my grandparents that I inherited from their home. We knew we wanted to update the fabric so we picked out a beautiful neutral fabric that meshes with our current decor and furniture. The thick green fabric was from the 1960's is what we thought was the original fabric. So we were dating the chairs back to the 60's. When the upholster got the chairs and started to get the green fabric off he called to say Hey! There is fabric under the green fabric! So to our surprise these chairs date back further than the 60's and the green is a recover over the original floral very
1950's fabric.
Before photo, Green fabric

Photo of the original floral fabric...

My dad vaguely remembers the floral fabric now that he has seen it and seems to remember a matching sofa with the chairs way back when... who knows where the sofa has ended up over the years.
The burlap had rotted and the double fabric and many staples next to the vintage wood created a challenge for our upholster but he was able to get both layers of fabric off and replace the burlap. The chairs were so old that they were basically being held together by the heavy duty layers of fabric surrounding the wood. He was able to secure the backs on the chairs after removing the fabric and we now have a nice sturdy chair. The new fabric really updates the look and we are so happy to have them in our home and have the memories of my grandparents attached to these beautiful chairs. We know we will use and cherish these chairs for many years to come.

After Photos of Finished Chairs

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