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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 ETSY Favorites

Well, I think I will close out 2009 with a post with some of my favorite ETSY items in 2009. Some of these items I purchased, some I did not (but that didn't mean I didn't want to buy them). Some are handmade and some are Vintage. If you have never checked out ETSY then you definitely need to! It is an eclectic mix of sellers for vintage and handmade items and a place to find a one of a kind item!

*Vintage Jingle Bell Green Organdy Apron
*1960s Vintage Mod Dangle Earrings
*Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Tag and Airplane Charm Necklace
I bought these for my niece, how cute! I am getting a adult sized pair for me BTW...
*Toddler Convertible Fingerless Gloves Mittens with Flaps in Cream
I think my dog really needs one of these. She would love it!
*Eco Pet Bed
Simply beautiful and I so wish I could afford it!
*Victorian Snake Bangle Bracelet Etruscan Revival 800 Silver B1261
I had this marked as a Favorite and someone beat me to buy it, so fun and funky!
*Rainbow Plane Ticket Blue Travel Wallet
My niece totally needs this
*1960's style Retro Lauren.. black and white dress...
I love vintage lamps, reminds me of a post I will need to do about a vintage lamp my brother and I own......
*Vintage 1950's Asian Inspired Lamp with Red Venetian Blind Lamp Shade
*Vintage 1940s Pot Metal Pave Rhinestone Bracelet
*Mid Century Danish Modern ThreeTaper Candle Holder
*1950s Lucite Box Purse by Tedro for Saks Fifth Avenue
*Lucy Corduroy Peasant Dress Tiffany Blue

This is just a few :-) of my ETSY 2009 favorites, I could spend all day sharing them with you. Maybe I will make it a regular part of my blog.... Thank you for visiting me in 2009, please come back in 2010. Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vintage Christmas

This is our Christmas tree, it is all vintage Christmas ornaments from the 1950's and 1960's. This is our second year to do a vintage Christmas tree. The ornaments are from my family. They were my grandparents and my dad gave them to me after my grandparents passed away. I feel so blessed to have them and carry on using them for our family Christmas tree. It brings me such joy every time I look at them and I know my grandparents would be so happy we had them and were using them in our home. I hope everyone has a chance to keep a piece of their family vintage or antique holiday decor to keep the tradition alive.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, I have a personal twitter that I have been using for some time to keep up with friends but I finally created a Twitter for ETSY vintage sales. Feel free to check me out at I hope I can keep up with all this....

Kirkland Museum Streams of Modernism Exhibition

If you happen to be in Denver before Jan 24, 2010 check it out and let me know what you thought!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Retro suitcases

I have a fascination with luggage. Luggage of any kind, big or small, old or new. Why? I don't know really, it could be because I am a flight attendant but I don't think so. I have had this love of luggage all my life. I remember my first little suitcase, it was a little red carry case and I filled it with anything important to me and I took it with me everywhere. I think I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. So I started my love of bags very early! :-) I was even excited when I got my standard issue black flight attendant travel bags from the airline. I was so excited about all the pockets! And man can I cram it full! I love these vintage brown leather suitcases. I can just imagine all the places they have been and treasures they used to hold! I thought you would enjoy seeing them too. To check out my other finds visit me on ETSY.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New York City Vintage Souvenir Ashtry 1960's

Check out this darling Vintage Travel Souvenir Ashtry from the 1960's from New York City
Pictured on the Ashtry are the Empire State Building and The Statue Of Liberty.

This is a fun little travel souvenir collectible that is very MOD 60's

You can purchase this travel souvenir at my ModVintageTravels store on Etsy. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birth of the Cool

We went to this wonderful exhibit in Austin Texas at the Blanton Museum in May. ( I loved the photos of the case houses from California)

Birth of the Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury

The Birth of the Cool encompasses the painting, architecture, furniture design, decorative and graphic arts, film, and music that launched mid–century modernism in the United States and established Los Angeles as a major American cultural center.

The Birth of the Cool features iconic examples of Eames chairs (Yes, I own one!) and Noguchi sculpture, a jazz lounge; film, animation, and television programming; Van Keppel Green furniture and architectural pottery; hard–edge abstract paintings; selections of art, architectural, and documentary photography.

Oh how I love Miles Davis! There is something about his music that just sets the scene, you can just envision the dark smoky lounge, hear the ice clinking in the cocktail glass the smoke swirling above the stage...
Miles Davis, whose 1949–50 recordings for Capitol Records were released in 1957 under the title Birth of the Cool, helped define “cool” for a national and global audience and was an important influence on the West Coast scene in the 1950s.
I loved how this exhibit displayed William Claxton's photos of recording sessions, the personal lives, and the Sunday jam sessions that Chet Baker, Miles Davis and other jazz artists were a part of. And the record covers...oh how cool!


In the exhibition, architectural and design innovations are examined in the work of important modernist architects Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, and John Lautner, among others, in the context of their projects for Arts & Architecture's Case Study House program. Their designs for residential dwellings are among the iconic midcentury architectural gems captured in Julius Shulman's photographs.

Considered the most influential American designers of the twentieth century, Charles and Ray Eames exemplify the joining of American ideals of creativity, optimism, and hard work with the rigors of international modernism. Their molded–plywood furniture designs, plastic chairs, and famous lounge chair embodied a modernist design sensibility while being affordable and accessible. Birth of the Cool showcases early and rare examples of Eames furniture, films, and archival materials. I found it utterly fascinating and informative. I could have watched the kaleidoscope jazz chair video over and over the way they made the famous chairs merge from one scene to the next was quite intriguing and who knew they did a movie on spinning tops??
My favorite is still the case house photos! I am looking for some reproductions to frame for a room in my house... the search continues. Oh, and the city I live in had a Julius Shulman photography exhibit at our art museum and I missed it! Shame on me!!

Julius Shulman
Photograph of Case Study House #21

Julius Shulman
photograph of Case Study House #22, (My favorite!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Off to Austin...

So we have four days and are headed to Austin. We hope to go to some terrific Mid-Century Modern stores and a Mid-Century Modern exhibit about the "Age of Cool". We also hope to get some spa time and golf time in over the weekend. I will post photos when we get back!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Come Celebrate Earth Day with our Earth Day Sale on ETSY

The Vintage Market Team Earth Day Sale April 20-25
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The best way to recycle is to buy vintage!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Necklace signed Les Bernard

This is a very mod cool vintage necklace by Les Bernard, INC.
circa 1970
It is a long necklace measuring 24" in length
It is gold chain with Peach-Orange large beads the beads measure
3/4" diameter.

To purchase this item visit me at

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harp Chair

Harp Chair 1950's

These chairs were my grandparents that I inherited from their home. We knew we wanted to update the fabric so we picked out a beautiful neutral fabric that meshes with our current decor and furniture. The thick green fabric was from the 1960's is what we thought was the original fabric. So we were dating the chairs back to the 60's. When the upholster got the chairs and started to get the green fabric off he called to say Hey! There is fabric under the green fabric! So to our surprise these chairs date back further than the 60's and the green is a recover over the original floral very
1950's fabric.
Before photo, Green fabric

Photo of the original floral fabric...

My dad vaguely remembers the floral fabric now that he has seen it and seems to remember a matching sofa with the chairs way back when... who knows where the sofa has ended up over the years.
The burlap had rotted and the double fabric and many staples next to the vintage wood created a challenge for our upholster but he was able to get both layers of fabric off and replace the burlap. The chairs were so old that they were basically being held together by the heavy duty layers of fabric surrounding the wood. He was able to secure the backs on the chairs after removing the fabric and we now have a nice sturdy chair. The new fabric really updates the look and we are so happy to have them in our home and have the memories of my grandparents attached to these beautiful chairs. We know we will use and cherish these chairs for many years to come.

After Photos of Finished Chairs

New Blog

Well, I am starting a new blog related to vintage items. I really want to focus on mid-century items but will probably have a variety of items featured because my taste varies from mood to mood sometimes :-)But one thing remains. If it is vintage I love it!